Prostatitis: Treatments Part 2


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Your diet is also important with regards to prostatitis treatment plans. Men with prostatitis should consume a diet of whole, fresh, unrefined and unprocessed foods. This should consist of fruits and vegetables. Whole grains, soy, beans, plant seeds, nuts as well as some seafood like fish are important parts of a prostatitis treatment diet. Things to avoid include sugars, dairy, refined as well as deep fried foods, and caffeine containing drinks.

Consider these supplements:

Zinc - the prostate concentrates as well as secretes zinc
Probiotics & Proteolytic enzymes
Flaxseed - ideal for fiber intake
Vitamins E & C

Herbal Supplements:
Flower pollen extract
Bearberry -- for the urinary tract (diuretic & antiseptic)
Goldenseal - (antiviral as well as antibacterial)
Saw Palmetto
Echinacea - (antiviral and antibacterial)

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