Selling In Network Marketing And MLM Is Old - School


Uploaded on March 08, 2012 by alexanderlodi22

Selling in MLM and network marketing is old - school. In today's market, you cannot build a long-term successful MLM or network marketing business by selling the opportunity. Even if you are a superstar salesperson, the fact is - over 90% of everyone else is not. They hate sales and most of all... people HATE being sold! And they will not be able to sell the opportunity, no matter how much sales training and "RAH! RAH!" courses you may give them. So they will disappear.

"Success In 10 Steps" solves that problem. When you advertise the ebook, your target "frustrated MLMers and network marketers" market will download it. Many will see themselves and their own story in the book, and they will want to talk about it.

It's easy to build relationships with the people who identify with this book. No selling necessary. As you build relationships, you build your network. Bring value into their lives, and some of them will want to work with you. Then just tell them their options & let them decide.

To Your Success,
Alexander Lodi

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