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*******www.ChildTimeInc**** Child Time preschools offer Full and part time schedules for children 18 months...
*******www.ChildTimeInc**** Child Time preschools offer Full and part time schedules for children 18 months to 10 years of age: 3 year old classes, pre-kindergarten, Private Kindergarten, and child care for school age children 10 years and younger. The children are divided into classes by age group. We use the September 1st cut off date in support of the Salt Lake City School District guidelines. Our goal is to build a classroom community; we do that by keeping the group together throughout the school year and graduating the group as whole to the next class each fall session. By using the September 1 cut off date we drastically reduce the amount of turnover for the classrooms. It is very difficult on the children when there is a continual flow of children entering and exiting the group. Keeping a group together for the entire year facilitates the children developing lasting friendships and provides the teachers with more time to get to know the children and their levels of development, enabling them to continually challenge each child in the group. Children are comforted by consistency and dependability; it is our priority to plan for as much continuity as possible. Our philosophy of early childhood education is based on The Reggio Emilia Approach. The most defining characteristic of the method is the way a child is viewed. The Reggio Approach views the child as strong, resourceful and curious being capable of constructing his/her own learning. Quite simply this means that the children determine the topic of study and participate in planning the curriculum. The teachers take the topic and immerse all learning centers with that theme so that the children can continue to grow in all areas of development. For preschool, day care, child care, child development, private kindergarten, or summer camp for boys or girls, call us today at 801-328-0328.