Exclusive! Top 5 Steve Vai Licks Advanced Guitar Lesson With ... [HD]


Uploaded on March 11, 2012 by Rex Pearson

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Steve Vai Top 5 Licks Guitar Lesson With Rex Pearson

Welcome to the first instructional Steve Vai guitar tutorial taken from the song Tender Surrender of the album alien love secrets. get your shred guitar on!

This is one of my all time favourite songs of his that blends subtle tones and controlled nuance in a similar style to Wes Montgomery a guitarist known for his octave approach to melody writing which you will see at the start of this video which then progresses to absolute ballsy rock character all subtly woven together in 1 track. Tender surrender is tune I listened to when I was first starting out with guitar and one I had always wanted to play.

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In this guitar lesson you will be taught to play a number of riffs from the song that will help develop good technique, push your playing ability and I hope develop your creative side. It's important to understand the riffs you are playing and with this lesson we look at how Steve Vai has used various Riffs/Scales to create such a beautiful set of riffs for you to learn and enjoy. Armed with this knowledge from the guitar lesson you should be ready to bring these elements into your own playing and guitar style.

I hope you enjoy this lesson and please don't forget to share it!

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