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Matthew 24 Explained (What Matthew 24 really means)
Who are the Elect? This study is for them,my soul purpose,
is to help them understand All they need to know.
I care not about the pre-trib ,mid-trib, or a post trib rapture,these
are silly things that other Christians waste their time pondering over.
The Elect wait for the One Thousand three Hundred and thirty fifth Day!
A true servant, shares the truth, and makes the truth known, it is than up to
each individual to make a informed choice! Your God has always made the truth available
All you have to do is accept it! That is what His Disciples and the Apostles did!.
What is The seal of God?
Is your name in the book of Life?
Who and what is the Beast that will be worshiped ?
Who are the 144,000?
Who are the Two Witnesses?
What is The Mark Of The Beast?
[666] Six hundred and sixty six What does it really stands for?
What happens when the 6th Seal is opened?
What are the 7 thunders of Rev. (10:4) ?
Rev.(3:18) What advise is given by Jesus?
Who are the Two Women ?
What is meant One Taken One Left?
Why does God use fractions in the Book Of Revelations
Is there any Truth in a Pre Tribulation Rapture?

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