Move Page Files In Windows Xp

By: max019

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Uploaded on September 16, 2007 by max019

This video will help you to move paging files in xp.
Q. How to detemine total page file size?
-->If you have 512MB of RAM then the Total paging files must be around 1.5 times of intalled RAM
so 512*1.5=768. if you have two partitions of hard disk excluding boot partition then you have
to scatter or move the paging files on the two partitions.Your total paging file size is 768MB
i.e. each partions must have 768/2=384MB of page files.So on each partitions you set the
initial and final size of Paging files 384.
You can also move paging files as 200Mb on one partition and rest
on another you can divide page files in any size just remember that the total page file size
must be at least 1.5 times of your RAM.

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