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VERY NICE!!! I arrived at Just Brakes in Albuquerque. I called Bart over the phone and asked about how much their prices are for brake pads and how much Rotors are. He was very nice and polite. I was worried about being over charged because I am a woman. He asked me to come to the store so that he could give me a price after seeing my car. I arrived at the store. There is where I met Bill. He was also very,very Nice. After speaking to them about the diagnosis of my car, they made the work very affordable.

BRAKES WORK GREAT!!! I got a much better deal on new brakes at Just Brakes in Albuquerque than I could have gotten at other places in town. They did a nice thorough job, and my breaks work great. I would go back here and recommend others to try this place out. They are more trustworthy than other mechanic shops I have found.

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