Corel AfterShot Pro Review

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*******www.theartofretouching**** - Use the Coupon Code "ARTCOREL10" for 10% Off Corel**** - This i...
*******www.theartofretouching**** - Use the Coupon Code "ARTCOREL10" for 10% Off Corel**** - This is a video Corel AfterShot Pro Review. I want to start this review by saying that this product took me by surprise. I was expecting something that was mediocre, and I instantly fell in love with all the powerful features build right into the software. You may be thinking that I am just trying to pitch Corel AfterShot Pro to you, but I am quite serious, I genuinely love this program, and I would use it in my own studio as well. Sadly, I had already spent $600 on a competitor's solution. Corel AfterShot Pro competantly joins together Image Cataloging Software, with a RAW Processor. This means you can keep track of thousands of images (I have over 20,000 myself), and make quick Color Correction edits without the need for any other software. Everything I could think that I wanted to do, was built right into the software. This software might be from Corel, but it licenses the RAW Processor from Bibble. If you are unfamiliar with the name, do not be alarmed. I had actually been following the product's development for many years, and I always knew it was destined for something really cool. I am so happy they were able to get this product into the mainstream by partnering with Corel. I was afraid they would have gone out of business due to the tough competition of the RAW Processing market. The Anti-Noise Engine comes from NoiseNinja. Personally, I love NoiseNinja, and you will come to love it too. In fact, I use it just about everyday here in my studio. I have nothing but good things to say about that program. The fact that it is built right in, is nothing short of awesome. If you watch the video above, you will be able to see how Corel AfterShot Pro has been able to create a program that allows you to seemlessly work in two completely different types of software. As I mentioned, I use other software in my studio, and the combined price for the RAW Processor and the Image Cataloging retailed at $600. However, Corel AfterShot Pro is actually underpriced. It cost less than $99, which is amazing. So amazing, it would otherwise make me think it was junk. Not something for professionals. But I have to say, everything I wanted to do, was available right out of the box. Again, watch the video Corel AfterShot Pro review for more information about it works. Then click the link, and maybe even try the demo. If you do not have any other solution for your workflow, you will be glad you did.