Amazing Deal Review - HP Micro G7 N40L Nhp Us Svr


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Amazing Deal Review - HP Micro G7 N40L Nhp Us Svr

- Download VMWare ESXi off of HP's site which includes better HP specific hardware.
- I also tested Oracle Solaris 11 and OpenIndiana using Napp-it to setup ZFS. Solaris 11 was the fastest, but requires a $1000/year support contract for non-personal/development use and OpenIndiana was the second fastest but hasn't officially released a stable version yet. NexentaStor (free up to 18TB) is used in production by many enterprises so I opted to use it instead even though it was slower. But if I weren't storing some business data on it I would go with Solaris 11 + Napp-it since it had the best performance on this machine.
- The ICY DOCK MB882SP-1S-2B will adapt an SSD drive to fit into the drive caddie trays perfectly.
- the CPU is adequate for a NAS, but it's not that fast, so for Crashplan I set data de-duplication to minimal and compression to automatic. I found uploads went much faster this way. ZFS didn't have much of a slowdown using the default ZFS compression (and in some tests was faster with compression enabled) so I left it on. ZFS Deduplication slowed it down considerably even with 8GB memory.

Things I really like:
- Supports ECC Memory (hard to find on a box this cheap).
- Small form factor
- Big fan, near silent operation

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