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Layton Massage. Visit or call us at (801) 341-2886 for more information about massage in Layton, UT.

In this video, Brandy Backe, a stylist at Phazes Salon & Day Spa, discusses the perming services that they offer at the salon.

We do offer perming services and we also offer straightening services. It come and goes. There are different trends and we try to stay up on all of those. So whether people think of a perm as being super curly, you know, 80's type of perm, it's really evolved. We're up to date on all the new styles of curls and loose curls, and beachy curls so we can do all of those things.

Thank you for watching this video today. We look forward to seeing you at Phazes for any of your hair, massage, or facial needs.

For more information about massage in Layton, please visit or call (801) 341-2886

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