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COULD HARDLY WALK, BUT NOW WALK NORMALLY Dr. Lowman and staff are wonderful. They are friendly, caring and helpful. I could hardly walk due to a lower back problem, but after treatment, I am walking normally and feeling much better. Thanks for everything!

RESULTS FROM LOWMAN SPINE & REHAB LEFT ME ALMOST PAIN FREE! Terrific results for back pain at Lowman Spine and Rehab

After being diagnosed with spinal steno-sis, I chose the spinal decompression traction therapy at Lowman Spine and Rehab. After one week of therapy, the pain was much improved. After the second week of therapy, I was almost pain-free. Therapy will continue for six weeks total and I am so pleased with this natural, holistic treatment. The staff is caring and compassionate, yet very professional.

LOWMAN STAFF MOST PLEASANT sherryt, Decatur, AL As always, effective and most pleasant. Love all the staff there.

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