How To Pick The Best Wooden Swing Set


Uploaded on March 23, 2012 by walterj2010

How to pick the best wooden swing set in my opinion depends on the understanding of just what a swing set is exactly. When my wife and I decided we were going to spring for the cash to purchase a swing set for our daughters she had me do the research before we spent our hard earn money on a site similar to this one. What I first discovered was the basic makeup of what the first swing sets entailed, which basically was a chair tied at two ends on a bar for support.
The things on my list that I looked for when I wanted to know how to pick the best wooden swing sets for our daughter’s were to find a swing set that was easy to install and dismantle. I made sure the dimensions would fit our back yard in the allotted space and that it was appropriate for our girls age and interest. It had to have seat belts or wraps as a feature to ensure our children safety and the height had to be adjustable to accommodate their growth.

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