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Visi visivirgo**** 619-261-2237 About 30 to 40 minutes later...feeling good! Visi Testimonials Jean's Vi...
Visi visivirgo**** 619-261-2237 About 30 to 40 minutes later...feeling good! Visi Testimonials Jean's Visi Testimonial by 2012_Launch on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 6:38am • Jean P. from Canada Folks I tried the Energy & Wellness product samples a few days ago and with in a few minute of having the product. All of a sudden I felt this burst of energy and I felt wide awake and happy. Now I took this product at 10:00 AM and I still had the same mount of energy at 7:30 PM that evening and I had the best sleep ever. I am Farrier by trade and I normally trim between 15 and 30 horses a day on average and usually after the 10th horses I feel rundown. Not on this day, I have done 15 horses by mid day and I have so much energy that it seemed that I only did 5 and I was ready to do 30 more, so I cannot wait to get my product in April. Visi will make my job alto easier and more enjoyable. Awesome Product!!!!! Jean Lou Ann's Visi Weight Loss Sample Testimonial by 2012_Launch on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 7:44am • It Works!! Blessings everyone! If you were at the awesome meeting at Randy's Friday night - you got one of those little pills. Have you tried your VISI weight loss pill yet??? Well, let me tell you --- THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!! I think we have a WINNER on our hands! I tried one pill yesterday around 10:30 - didn't want any lunch and ate a light dinner. I WAS NOT HUNGRY!!! And while playing cards with our friends - I didn't snack! And something very important to me = IT DIDN'T KEEP ME AWAKE LAST NIGHT! OK, ONE MORE LITTLE DETAIL - I LOST 1 LB.!I had that tingle feeling - (I had experienced this with another Awesome weight loss product that is no longer available - which I have really been missing and looking for a replacement) - but NO MORE!! I think we have found an awesome weight loss product VISI IS OUR ANSWER NOW!! Quick, take your pill and let us know how great it works for you!!! John in VA reports: STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! My wife Earline has now lost 3 lbs. in 2 days on the new Visi weight loss product and she has NO THYROID !!!!! WOW!!!!! Lynda's Visi Weight loss Sample Testimonial... Glen and I tried a sample of the weight loss pill today and we haven't been hungry at all. Couldn't eat all our dinner and we had no desire to snack in between. That's INCREDIBLE! We both got that tingly, chill feeling but no jitters. I can't wait to get a whole bottle.