Leila Live In Concert - "Wind & Fire" Bellydance/Flamenco Fusion

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Uploaded on October 02, 2007 by leilasworld

Live clip of my "Concert For Unity" featuring an interlude between myself & friend/dancer Careesah, which led into my next song. The beauty & grace of Bellydance fused with the passion & fire of Flamenco. Two beautiful cultures embodied in my music! In Flamenco we play the castanets and in middle eastern Bellydance the zills, very similiar percussive instruments. The arm movements or "braceos" and the hand posturing of Flamenco is likewise very similiar to Bellydance as they greatly influenced eachother. These two dances are fundamentally joined at their core and "heart" like a perfect marriage and I enthusiastically continue to study both

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