Asi Turkish Series

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Family isprečiće sins before a strong love of two young. Asi and Demir will have to fight for your happiness torn between pride and love. One of the most beautiful Turkish epic story takes place in a rural place Antakija through which flows the river Asi, which bears the same name as the heroine. Return to the young, rich and stasitog Demir in gender Antaki, changed the life of the Asi, just like the river that flows upstream and defy nature, take a different, more difficult path.

In the foreground is a family drama Kozdžuoglu who already owns three generations of huge plantations. Ihsan Kozdžuoglu Asi and his daughter were completely devoted to his country, for which they work and live. Years ago, Emin Demir's mother and aunt worked for Suhejla Kozdžuoglijeve until Emin has not drowned in the river. Demir returned to his native place with the intent to clarify the circumstances under which his mother died. Asa beautiful it will immediately attract. However, the secrets of ancient times isplivaće to the surface and enter the turmoil in their relationship, making love is impossible. Events will take on the dramatic progress when it returns in place of Demir Suhejla aunt.

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