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Further to the 2007 European Commission's assessment of water scarcity and drought in the EU, the executive presented a set of policy options to increase water savings and to improve financing in existing sectoral policies. Five years later, the Commission is expected to table a 'Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Water'.

In advance of World Water Day 2012, Fondation EurActiv is pleased to invite you to a roundtable debate to explore answers to these questions.

• What can be the role of public and private investment in innovative, eco-efficient technologies in Europe? How can we better protect European water sources?

• By 2015, should water service professionals jointly with international associations representing all usages of water, issue appropriate guidelines for managing multiple resources, either surface or groundwater?

• How can we ensure sustainability throughout the entire industrial process, keeping in mind energy efficiency and water usage?

• How can we encourage water savings and efficiency? Is there a need for setting standards for water use in specific areas: agriculture, industry, etc.?

Invited contributors include:
• Peter GAMMELTOFT, Head of Unit, Protection of
Water resources, DG ENV
• Sergiy MOROZ , Senior Water Policy Officer,
• Sabine VON WIRÉN-LEHR, Director, European
Water Stewardship
• Bernard PRUVOST , Chair of Environment
Working Group, EFBW

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