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Wesley Virgin demonstrates aN ab home workout while watching your fav television show and he calls them the Obliquers. Less than 30 days you will tone the abs swiftly.

Well honestly folks I was that super skinny guy in middle school and highschool who had low self esteem and hated the way I looked. In addition to that, my last name is VIRGIN so you know the classmates had a time with me LOL. But since I couldn't change my name I decided to change my look. I was tired of wearing my gym shorts and pants so it would feel like I had some size. Even wearing two shirts at times to appear bigger. All I know the women did not like a skinny guy LOL, my confidence was non existent so when a girl actually took some interest, I did not know have to behave. My mom and my family used to call me Lil Wesley.. I hated that!! LOL maybe they called me that because my dad's name is Wesley, but the word LITTLE made me sick.

So all that pain motivated me to change my look and hit the gym.. It started with pushups and the weight set my dad had in the garage. But A few years later I created an awesome look and I knew that because women started to take interest :). Folks this helped my confidence tremendously and even built my self esteem which indirectly effected my accomplishments and achievements in life. It is unbelievable how developing a great body helps you build confidence in other areas such as finances, self and spiritual growth. Folks I challenge you all to test drive 7DayFitness.. Rather you are overweight or the skinny guy like myself you can create a beautiful look with 7dayFitness, Our concepts are unique and our innovative approach to getting fit is more than physical it is also psychological. A program like this is non existent on the web to date. I challenge you to GET FIT WITH PASSION like Little Wesley Virgin :)

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