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Uploaded on September 19, 2007 by Adventure Imagery

AdventureImagery.com is a footage library specializing in extreme sports stock footage licensed royalty free for use in your own productions. Extreme Sports are activities practiced by individuals who are seeking a physical challenge involving endurance, speed, big air, freestyle tricks and stunts that are often difficult and dangerous. The ultimate goal is to challenge and better yourself with a physical activity that you enjoy. Extreme sports stock footage in our collection include bmx, climbing, freediving, ice climbing, kitesurfing, motorcross, mountaineering, paddling, running, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, skydiving, snowshoeing, surfing, windsurfing, and base jumping. We also have a huge archive of wipeouts, point of view angles (pov angles), helicopters and avalanches. Check out the action at AdventureImagery.com!

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