Dr. Simon Ourian Epione Complaints


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EVERYONE IS KIND, HELPFUL AND INFORMATIVE!! I love coming here. Everyone is kind, helpful and informative!! Always helps to soothe anxiety and creates an environment that encourages questions. Thank you so much.-LC

MY DAYS ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!! Dr. Ourian I love you. My face was not bad but by the way you've done under my eyes. I have more confidence and my days are getting better and better. Thank you so much. MA

GREAT SUCCESS!! Ultrasound for under eyes was a great success. It feels so good there is a non-surgical solution to under-eye bags!EP

GENTLE HANDS..!! Dr. Simon is wonderful. His gentle hands combined with amazing skill ...

REALLY HARD WORKING SO YOU WILL LOOK YOUR BEST!! Dr Ourian and his staff are really hard working so you will look your best and be comfortable with the treatment!! H.M.

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