Biggest CARS 2 Diecast Collection Over 400 Pixar Cars Toon Pixar Toys Plush Die-cast

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Published 29 Mar 2012
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Here's my entire, complete and biggest "Disney Pixar Cars collection" with 405 cars and counting. I...
Here's my entire, complete and biggest "Disney Pixar Cars collection" with 405 cars and counting. I have almost everything from the first Pixar Cars to Cars 2 and Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales in diecast, plush, toys and RC remote control vehicles. Almost all the Disney Pixar characters from Cars series and Race-o-rama Just die-cast alone i have almost 350 cars, probably 15 plushes, 15 remote control cars, few toys like ships, choppers...

Lightning McQueen 
Country: United States 
Racing Number: 95 
Pit Crew: Mater (Crew Chief), Luigi, Guido (Pitty), Fillmore (Fuel expert), Sarge 
Racing Type: Piston Cup 

Francesco Bernoulli 
Country: Italy 
Racing Number: 1 
Pit Crew: Giuseppe Motorosi (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: Formula Racer 

Jeff Gorvette 
Country: United States 
Racing Number: 24 
Pit Crew: John Lassetire (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: GTS2 

Lewis Hamilton 
Country: England and Grenada 
Racing Number: 2 
Pit Crew: Bruce Boxmann (Pit Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: GTS1 

Max Schnell 
Country: Germany 
Racing Number: 4 
Pit Crew: Otto Bonn (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: WTCL (World Torque Champion League) 

Raoul ÇaRoule 
Country: France 
Racing Number: 6 
Pit Crew: Bruno Motoreau (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: GRC 

Carla Veloso 
Country: Brazil 
Racing Number: 8 
Pit Crew: Cruz Besouro (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: Le Motor Prototype 

Shu Todoroki 
Country: Japan 
Racing Number: 7 
Pit Crew: Mach Matsuo (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: Le Motor Prototype 

Nigel Gearsley 
Country: England 
Racing Number: 9 
Pit Crew: Austin Littleton(Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: GTS1 

Miguel Camino 
Country: Spain 
Racing Number: 5 
Pit Crew: Petro Cartalina (Crew Chief) 
Racing Type: GTS2 

Rip Clutchgoneski 
Country: The Republic of New Rearendia 
Racing Number: 10 
Pit Crew: Consists of two pitties, no Crew Chief 
Racing Type:Le Motor Prototype

Rescue Squad Trooper, Rescue Squad Chopper, Burnt Lightning McQueen, Rescue Squad Mater, El Materdor Lightning McQueen, El Materdor, Mia and Tia, Monster Truck Mater, Frightening McQueen, Paddy O'Concrete, I-Screamer, Mater the Greater, Daredevil McQueen, Unidentified Flying Mater, Mator, Heavy Metal Mater, Heavy Metal McQueen, Tokyo Drift Mater, Tokyo Drift Lightning McQueen, Bling Bling Mcqueen, Sally, Hudson Hornet, Flo, Luigi, Guido, Sarge, Red, Mac the Hauler, Elvis RV, Dinoco Mcqueen, Radiator Springs Mcqueen, Doc Hudson, Sheriff, Ramone, Fillmore, YETI, Boost, Snot Rod, Wingo, DJ, Greta, Tumbleweed Mcqueen, Chick Hicks, The King, Chopper, Chuki, Lightyear Blimp, Ron Hover, Dexter Hover, Todd, Pizza Planet Truck, Leak Less Pitty, Pit Crew Member, Nitroade, Tank Coat Pitty, Leroy Traffik, Dinoco Mcqueen, Rusteze Mcqueen, Dinoco Helicopter, Lightning Storm Mcqueen, Mack Semi, Dr Mater, Nurse Mia Tia, Rust-eze, Tormentor, Goofy Mater, Pirate Mater, Mickey Mcqueen, Pirate Martin, Tex Dinoco, Tow Mater, Frank, Darrell Cartrip, Jay Limo, Sven Governator, Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, Siddeley, Rod Torque Redline, Tomber, Miles Axlerod, Professor Z, Grem, Acer, Francesco Bernoulli, Jeff Gorvette, Lewis Hamilton, Metallic Jeff Gorvette, Nigel Gearsley, Uncle Topolino, The Queen, Crabby the boat, Carla Veloso, Raoul Caroule, Shu Todoroki, Max Schnell, Miguel Camino, Silver metallic Mcqueen, hydrofoil Finn McMissile, Double Decker bus, Hydraulic Ramone, wasabi Mater, Okuni, Shigeko, Tony Trihull, Ronnie Del Cooper, Lights and sounds, spy mater, Everett, Everett Jet Turbo Loft, Pixar racecars, Pixar diecast collection, Screamin and hollerin Mater, Sushi chef wasabi, huge diecast cars collection, Stephenson spy train, spy shifters, Tyler Gremlin, Mater saves Christmas, Wee-Hoo Winter Mater, Komodo, Kabuto, Cho, Kyandee, Patokaa, Tabinu, bye bye Kar, Moon Mater, Yokoza, Van-San, mater private eye, Nurse GTO, Nurse Kori, Rodney the rocker, Captain Munier, Dad Gum, Rasta Mater, I-Screamer, Captain Collision, The Rasta Carian, Dr. Feel Bad, Paddy O'Concrete, Dalmatian Mia Tia, daredevil Mcqueen, Mater aviator, Rip Clutchgoneski, biggest cars collection, Disney Pixar cars collection, Disneycollector, cars collection toys, cars collection Disney, Complete cars 2 collection, cars 2 Pope, Pinion Tanaka, Pope Pinion IV, the Popemobile, Kingpin Nobunaga, double decker bus, Mel Dorado, Carlo Maserati, Race Team Fillmore, Target Exclusive 4 pack, Target exclusive 3 pack, Target exclusive 5 pack, Tokyo Spy, 10 pack exclusive, cars 2 toys, Lightning Mcqueen Alive, Cars 2 Mattel, Zero Gravity, Air Hogs, Finn McMissile zero gravity, spin master, Shake 'n Go, shake and go, Ridemakerz, custom Sally, Custom Mater, cars 2 games, Brent Mustangburger, brinquedos da Disney, brinquedos Pixar, carrinhos de metal, carrinhos die-cast, Rip Clutchgoneski, Leland Turbo, compacted Leland turbo, Mel Dorado, Tony Trihull, The Queen Elizabeth, Signora Bernoulli, the Pope, Santa, wee-hoo, winter Mater, holiday, 

Music by Kevin MacLeod
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