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RESULTS FROM LOWMAN SPINE & REHAB LEFT ME ALMOST PAIN FREE! Terrific results for back pain at Lowman Spine and Rehab

After being diagnosed with spinal steno-sis, I chose the spinal decompression traction therapy at Lowman Spine and Rehab. After one week of therapy, the pain was much improved. After the second week of therapy, I was almost pain-free. Therapy will continue for six weeks total and I am so pleased with this natural, holistic treatment. The staff is caring and compassionate, yet very professional.

CALL THEM ASAP...!!! After years with back/neck pain, I started going to Dr. Lowman for help. Returning after 3 months absence, X-rays indicated growing arthritis so I am back now for him to adjust me to keep me moving. His office is friendly and family like. I would recommend everyone needing help to give them a call ASAP!!

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