Passive/Active Meditations - Techniques Part - 2


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Sampradhana charitable Trust,Mysore, Karnataka, India is a not profit making organization, which is taking care of Old age people and orphanage center for female destitutes. In the mean while, the founder President Sri Prasanna guruji is giving discourses on all Spiritual things, who is a philantheropist. Want to teach all spiritual matters and Yogic systems in a different way.
Meditations are of two types, Passive meditation which takes you very nearer to God, activates your Kundalini and you become clairyvouyant.
Active meditation is a scientific, you can fix up any short time or life goal and reach it in a planned way. Miracles will happen.
Because you use only 10% of your sub conscious brain's power and rest 90% is un trapped. see the treasure of the sub conscious brain and learn how to tap it. For further clarification you can write to Sri Prasanna Guruji on : or

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