HOTB-Misc-04 SPECIAL Part #4 - A Short Film Comedy

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Uploaded on November 11, 2007 by DarleneLieblich

Misc - "SPECIAL" Part #4 - HEART of the BEHOLDER was up and down Hollywood development hell for years.

A top talent agency finally wanted to make our movie. But they didn't want our writer, Ken Tipton, to direct it because he had no experience.

The talent agency challenged us to shoot anything that might show that Ken had any talent for directing. We entered a film festival where you had 48 hours to produce, write, shoot, and edit a short film. We were given the category of "Comedy" and this line of dialogue to use: "You tricked me."

We picked a personal story that Ken had used in his stand up comedy routine and rewrote it. We then hired a boy named Taylor Ball from Texas. Taylor was new in Hollywood making his first auditions for pilot season.

We didn't finish in time for the film festival. So we polished the short film and let the talent agency view it. They liked it, but not enough to let Ken direct his own script. Ken turned down their meager offer for the screenplay and we moved on.

However, the talent agency loved Taylor Ball and signed him. Taylor is now a series regular on the CBS sitcom, "Still Standing".

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