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Chipper Shredder

This short video focuses on how we structured the chipper shredder reviews so that we could come up with a popularity ranking to help you with your purchase decision.

Gardening is often about tidying up, especially at various times of the year. Autumn is a well known one, but spring is another. Whatever it is we need to remove from the garden, some sort of processing is required to handle the waste. We are dealing mainly with organic stuff so there will likely be a primary process followed by a secondary process.

If we are pruning then we will have branches or woody material to deal with and this is often difficult to process. You can always burn it but this option may not be possible because of by laws or neighbor disturbance etc.

So the primary process will be to reduce the waste material down in size and/or volume. Once this has been achieved it can be put in the trash for collection or, perhaps more productively, used for compost.

The chipper shredder is the ideal garden tool to achieve this and today the chipper shredders come in a number of capacities as well as gas or electrically driven. In fact there are more specialized machines that are simpler in operation that just shred -- the garden shredder is useful for leaves.

So the prime function of the chipper shredders is to minimize the amount of waster you have, and render it down to a consistency that will increase the rate at which it rots away to reduce its volume even further. In terms of environmental recycling the garden shredders and the wood chippers act to accelerate the whole process, which can only be positive.

So to help out those who are doing their own research into such garden machines we thought we would help out and hopefully accelerate your research process.

We realised there were the chipper shredder combination, and the garden shredder, and that there were gas powered and electrically driven models, so we had a look at those that appeared to be popular in the market and selected eight models to analyze more closely. We did this from our own investigations but also with the help of many users of these garden machines, and some trade organizations.

Our chipper shredder reviews has allowed us to place these garden machines in a sort of rank, bearing in mind the different configurations of garden shredders chippers that we looked at. Each model has a technical report and then a report on user comments.

So to get the full run down on these eight chipper shredder models and find out which was the top ranking chipper shredder, go to and hopefully it will help you progress your purchase decision.

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