ThaiAchira In Germany 2011

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Mr.Sakkapoom "Kru Lamp"
Mr.Tosapon "Kru Thod"
Mr.Kijrat W. "Nui" (..Editing..)

ThaiAchira is pleased to welcome you to the art of self defense with Thai weapons and Muay Chaiya, Ancient Thai boxing. Our martial arts is inherited from Chao-Ram Thai weapon club and Phahuyut association of the grand master, Kru Thonglor Yalae (Thong Chuea Chaiya)

We are experts who have been playing an important role in the world of Thai swords and Muay Chaiya for over twenty years.

With strong passion for ancient Thai self defense techniques and ambition to conserve and pass knowledge on to public and to next generations, we have formed ThaiAchira group to organize the activities which will be beneficial to Thai martial arts including teaching and demonstration of self defense with Thai weapons and Muay Chaiya.

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