Sioux Falls House Value by Stefanie Stockberger

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Sioux Falls Realtor® Stefanie Stockberger *******www.stefaniestockberger**** discusses the Sioux Falls Real...
Sioux Falls Realtor® Stefanie Stockberger *******www.stefaniestockberger**** discusses the Sioux Falls Real Estate Market for both Buyers and Sellers. The Sioux Falls Real Estate Market is amazing and we are so different from the national trends. The Stefanie Stockberger Group has many buyers' coming in from out of town to live here, who are listening to the national media about real estate. In turn they want to give low ball offers of $100,000 off of list price. The Sioux Falls Real Estate is amazing and our prices reflect that, however we are not like the national market and we don't have to give our houses away. The Sioux Falls community is great because it has supported the unemployment rate, and our prices have stayed about the same. We never saw high and low's like the rest of the national markets. Buyers don't be scared to get into a home right now! With the interest rates where they are right now, and prices being lower than they have been in recent years, it a great time to check out your options in purchasing a Sioux Falls Home. And Sellers, There are buyers out there! You might get a little bit less on your buy side, however if your thinking about buying again, you can make up that difference on the buy side. Because we are not the national market, you don't have to be afraid of that what is going on in other real estate markets. Sioux Falls is a really powerful Market and we don't foresee that ever changing! Stefanie Stockberger 606 West 33rd Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (605) 310-5562 If you are interested in selling or buying a home in surrounding communities like Brandon, Harrisburg or Tea, we can help! ***********/watch?v=R__R2ReOKPA