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I JUST TIED UP 83 PROPERTIES!!! You might remember me and my son from your Fort Lauderdale seminar - Jamaican, crazy hair! Well, I just tied up 83 properties in your back yard - Memphis, for $1000 down! They're 95% tenant occupied so I'm keeping 26 of them for income and selling the others. Expect to walk away with approx 400 - 500k cash, plus $1.7+ in net worth (owner financing) and over $20k income per month! I think that was a good deal, what do you think?

I LISTENED TO WAS ROBERT SHEMIN. We began investing in real estate about four years ago. About three years into it, my wife quit her job and we were featured in a new magazine about property investments. The owner of that magazine had invited us to join them at the New York Learning Annex in November of 2005. One of the speakers I listened to was Robert Shemin.

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