Roboreel 2 - Heat and Fire Protection


Uploaded on April 06, 2012 by roboreel

Roboreel includes redundant thermostats to help prevent overheating and a possible fire hazard. The RoboReel Cord Reel makes workshops everywhere safer, more efficient and less cluttered. Roboreel has combined patented technology with industrial-grade design to create the world’s best automatic extension cord manager.

The RoboReel difference begins with safety. Unlike spring loaded reels which produce uncontrolled whipping action that can be harmful to anything in their path, RoboReel employs a motorized, two speed retraction system that slows down to dock eliminating whipping action.

The RoboReel Cord Reel also includes redundant thermostats that prevent overheating and a possible fire hazard and thanks to its patented four wire technology, RoboReel will also shut down immediately if the cord is severed, preventing electrical injuries.

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