Chicken Coop Designs Part 11


Uploaded on April 07, 2012 by alanleewine

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Chicken Coop Designs Part 11

This is part 11 of 16 videos that explain you about how to raise chicken
and chicken coop designs so that you can build your own chicken house.

I am sure at this point you have already decided what kind of chicken
coop designs and plans you are going to use.

Just before you start building a chicken house, please check the
following check points so that your chicken coop will be properly
weather proofed even for some extreme weather conditions.

1) Check if at least part of your chicken coop has good shade for the heat of the summer.

2) Make sure your chickens get a source of clean water all year round.

3) Make sure your chickens can shelter from the rain.

4) Keep the chicken coop dry during the winter

Consider these points and add some changes to your chicken coop design
if necessary.

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