ATL BITE LIFE Side Dish: ASAP Rocky at FOX Sports Grill [HD]


Uploaded on April 08, 2012 by ATL Bite Life

Check out this Side Dish (a condensed version of our full show) of the hottest new urban food series, ATL Bite Life. As a spinoff from the site,, this show follows Atlanta-based foodie and music industry veteran Nick Love to some of the city's best restaurants while he finds out what makes each spot so special and interviews some of the best and brightest from music, sports, and entertainment. Think of it as Man vs Food meets Vibe Magazine.

In this mini-episode, we hit up Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station in downtown Atlanta to chop it up with Harlem's newest Hip-Hop star - ASAP Rocky!!! He talks about his $3 million deal, how the Texas sound influenced his style, and what he's heard about the ATL.

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Directed by: Vitamin E Films -
Produced by: Watch UNN -
Hosted by: Nick Love -
Filmed in : Atlanta, Georgia

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