Chicken Coop Designs Part 13


Uploaded on April 09, 2012 by alanleewine

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Chicken Coop Designs Part 13

This is already part 13 of 16 videos that explain you about how to raise chicken
and chicken coop designs so that you can build your own chicken house.

Have you already decided the design of your chicken coop. If you haven't,
you may want to search for some free chicken coop designs on the web.

Once you start keeping chickenes in your backyard garden, you want to
check the followings on a weekly basis.
Bacically you want to make sure your chicken coop is very clean.

Check if the watering system is clean and also clean all bowls. Clean up the garbege
in the chicken coop. Scrape off all the droppings and also clean the nest box.
Finally check if the food bin has not been fouled, and refill necessary.

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