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Blackwater shoot people for sport...

This is a video clip of Blackwater. A private NO BID CONTRACT army of so called Christians. Here in this clip you will see them shooting at people for sport. OUR TROOPS have been blamed for this and it was NOT the troops. IT WAS BLACKWATER! Yes folks you are seeing right. They are killing people for sport and are under NO law. Even our moronic congress can't get answers as to who overlooks these savages! PLEASE research and spread the word because their home base is right here in America and they are growing. They are the 'CHRISTIANS' who rescued the helpless poor people in NEW ORLEANS after Katrina hit by GUNPOINT. You might come face to face with them someday for having an opinion. It could be your last day on earth. Put all the pieces together and you will see that Bush is the most dangerous man on earth! They have been funded by Republicans as well as Christian groups including JAMES DOBSON!
BLACKWATER charges the American taxpayer 00 per soldier per day!That is far more than our troops (who are dying for Bush's corporate buddies) make. PLEASE watch this video and pass it on.

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