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Uploaded on April 11, 2012 by REIClub - Check Out Over 100 Real Estate Success Stories from Real Estate Investors for Real Estate Investors. Are You the Next Real Estate Success Story?

Hi, this is Frank Chen with, and I wanted to talk to you real quick about our Investor Success Stories. Keep in mind that these are investors just like you. They have contributed an archive of over 100 success stories so other investors just like you may benefit from their experiences, good and bad.

These are detailed success stories (that also include the process of how it was done)
Some examples...
- Some investor bought a house for $1
- Or how another investor made $350K on a commercial deal using private money
- Or how you can make $25K in the next 6 months.
- Or how someone turned $10 into $50K in 30-days.

These are just a few of the amazing stories we have, and each story introduces the investor, and their email in case you wanted to follow-up with them. Pretty powerful stuff.

Real Estate Success Stories:

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