Skittles N Iced Tea - Rowdy T Northlondon


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Tribute song to TRAYVON MARTIN
Skittles n Iced Tea by Rowdy T Northlondon
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Rowdy was about to release his new track, he stalled his release date when he became incensed by the deep entrenched racism and heart-wrenching senseless death of Floridian 17 year old Trayvon Martin, who was followed shot and killed by George Zimmerman a self appointed neighbourhood watchman. Trayvon was unarmed wearing a hoodie returning to his father’s house and carrying a bag of skittles and iced tea from the convenience store.
Rowdy T Northlondon once again puts on his political hat and makes a significant tribute song Skittles n Iced Tea to 17 year old Trayvone Martin. Rowdy T Northlondon has immersed himself to support this campaign and delivered a truly excellent, dynamic piece of work that is fully engaging with lyrics that communicates the thoughts and words of every civil rights campaigner worldwide.
Trayvone Lives on!!

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