RSPCA Reptile Rescue


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RSPCA Reptile Rescue.

We always have Reptiles Looking for Homes. Tortoises, Corn Snakes, Pythons, Boas. Available Now. We Accept Unwanted Reptiles & Relevant Equipment.

2nd hand Vivariums for sale. Volunteers Needed.

Based in Brighton at the Animal Rehoming Centre, East Sussex. We operate the first RSPCA unit in the country dedicated to reptiles and with funding permitting, we plan to expand our already unique facility for reptiles in order to accommodate more.

We have reptiles looking for good loving homes. We also take in reptiles that the owners can no longer care for. Any reptiles accepted including those which require a DWA license. Donations of unwanted reptile equipment and vivariums are gratefully accepted.

Please ring for our opening hours b4 you come to see us.

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