Big D - Somebody Farted Official Music Video (Profanity Records) [18+]


Uploaded on April 13, 2012 by BigD651


Pour another bowl of cocoa puffs
bruised thumbs practicing Ryu's uppercut
Street fighter in a higher presence
Say I'm sorry but I always do it again, I never listen

I'll jump out of an airplane during takeoff
With just enough time rob the flight attendent without getting caught
Call me 0 Chains cuz of all the chains I bought
Chained down by my accessories materialistic thoughts

Call me roxas cuz I'm heartless
Alan wake a single flashlight lies within the darkness

Somebody farted

My swag so backward, gawS gawS
Life is a movie I'll just wait for the applause
Or at least a laugh track f*** that,
I'm the type of dude that if I get rich I will never give back, f*** that

I'll just sit here and have another beer
Deers ears on my plate steer clear for a few years

What about the rest of it, time to get started
Maxing out on this dead animal carcuss

Somebody farted

Its time to take a second to re adjust all my images,
come up with a gimick to get people to start listenin
Im not the best, matter fact I'm the f*** ing worst
Mustard stain on my shirt, from a corn dog

I rap for fun, like emos with a loaded gun
pass it round the table until your next door neighboors life is gone
Whatever situation fits you
I'll throw a marilyn manson tantrum like a kid with anger issues
Somebody get this kid a tissue
Do you really think if you left this earth then mom and dad would miss you?

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