Use Annotated Model Documents to Help Students Improve Their Bus

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Offering students the ability to learn from carefully selected examples is one of the foundations of a succ...
Offering students the ability to learn from carefully selected examples is one of the foundations of a successful business communication course. Bovée-Thill textbooks offer students dozens of annotated model documents that show how communications works—or doesn't work—in real-life scenarios. These documents are divided between examples from real companies and examples that the authors created to demonstrate specific communication principles and practices. Here is one of the many real-company examples, in this case a blog post from the social media marketing agency Ignite. The blue annotations point out specific steps this writer took to craft unified, coherent paragraphs, including the effective use of transitions, topic sentences, and supporting details. By using examples from real companies, Bovée-Thill texts emphasize to students that the skills they are developing in the business communication course have direct and important relevance in the workplace, and that honing these skills will help them succeed on the job. While some texts have few, if any, real-company examples, Bovée-Thill texts have long been the market leaders in providing a rich selection of real-life messages from a variety of interesting companies. Here is one of the model documents created by the authors, one of the many before-and-after pairs that show students how particular problem areas in a draft message can be improved. The "Ineffective" version contains several distinct problem areas, and the blue annotations clearly point these out so that students can understand why the message is ineffective. The "Effective" version corrects those weak areas, and blue annotations explain specifically what was done to make the improvements. With all Bovée-Thill model documents, the points illustrated in the example messages are tied closely to the chapter material so that students get immediate confirmation of the principles they are studying. By studying these examples throughout the course, students can see how the concepts they are learning are put to use by professional communicators, and they have numerous models to follow for completing course activities and for writing their own important messages, such as employment cover letters. The model documents use a variety of media that represent the tools used by professionals in the workplace. Many of the models are also linked to online activities on mybcommlab to give students practice at revising documents using these same principles addressed in the print document. To order an examination copy of a Bovée-Thill business communication text, send an email to Pearson Education's Sampling Department at the address shown on the screen (samplingdeptpearson****). Extensive portfolios of model documents are just one of the many advantages that you and your students can gain from using a Bovée-Thill business communication text. By offering them a diverse selection of models to learn from, you will help them grasp the key points of your course faster and more effectively and help prepare them for the demands of writing on the job. After you've watched this video, visit the sites below for additional information that will make your teaching easier and more effective. Business Communication Pictorial Gallery on Pinterest, a Virtual Pinboard, at *******pinterest****/courtland_bovee/business-communication-pictorial-gallery... Business Communication 2.0: Social Media and Electronic Communication ******* Teaching a Modern Business Communication Course ******* Teaching Business Communication and Employment ******* Teaching Visual Communication ******* Teaching Business and Interpersonal Communication ******* Teaching Business Communication and Workplace Issues ******* Plus: News about Bovee & Thill Online Magazine ******* Visit Bovee & Thill's Business Communication Blog at *******boveeandthillbusinesscommunicationblog**** Visit Bovee & Thill's YouTube Channel at ***********/BoveeandThill This video: ***********/watch?v=oUPFOJDqjMw