Super Effective Nasty Bullet And Balls Kit Coupon


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Nassty Bullet And Balls Kit

3 vibrators target each of your hot spots!

Get a triple shot of pleasure with this hot new vibrator kit!

Loaded with options for the playful sex toy user, this bullet & balls kit is all about variety. You can use the bullet vibrator to tease her clit and nipples, while popping the vibrating balls inside her ass. You can slide one ball up her pussy and use the second one on her clit while using the bullet vibrator on yourself. Or you can even take advantage of the jack-pin system and replace the bullet and balls with a completely different vibrator from your sex toy collection! Your imagination’s the limit!

The bullet and balls are both made from plastic, creating a durable sex toy with a hard exterior that’s excellent for transmitting vibrations. Bullet measures 1.5 inches long and only 0.5 inch wide. Each one of the vibrating balls measures 1 inch in diameter.

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