Plumber Salt Lake City - Removing Hard Water Deposits

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Plumber Salt Lake City. Visit *******www.myplumbersaltlakecity**** or call (801) 416-3522 for more informat...
Plumber Salt Lake City. Visit *******www.myplumbersaltlakecity**** or call (801) 416-3522 for more information about Salt Lake City Plumbing. In this video, Jim Munson, a plumber in Salt Lake City, discusses some tips on removing hard water deposits. "Yes, a lot of people ask me about hard water; what you do with it when it's caking on the end of your faucet, or worse yet when you're taking a shower and it dries and it's those really hard spots to get rid of. Hard water is nasty and in Utah we have really extremely hard water. Back East they say "anything above a 7 is considered hard, anything above a 9 is considered extremely hard". Well in Utah most cities are between 14 to 16 grains hard. So we have double the hardness in Utah, not fun to deal with. What do you do? Well basically you're going to need to get a water softener. That's the only way you can really take the hardness out of the water and get rid of that problem. There are some other methods they have out there. A citrus based filter that will help, not get rid of it but it makes it not stick so hard. They also have another thing called MP3 which is another median that will actually change the molecular structure of the water and it won't stick as hard but it doesn't really get rid of it. So if you want to get that stuff off, probably just use vinegar. If you can soak it in vinegar or wipe it in vinegar it will help get it off and make it look nice and shiny again. And your aerators -- the things that go in the bottom of your faucets -- if you soak them in vinegar and switch them around, take them apart and put them back together again, they'll work for you for quite a while. So good luck taking care of your hard water problems. I really hope you enjoyed this video. It may be helpful to you and your family. If you happen to need a plumber I hope you really seriously think about calling Benjamin Franklin -- the punctual plumber." Plumber Salt Lake City- Ben Franklin 372 D St Salt Lake City, UT 84103 (801) 416-3522 *******www.myplumbersaltlakecity**** Plumber Salt Lake City ***********/watch?v=6oQbb76FAZ4