Trust No One: Sequel to Blood Betrayal by Mike Thompson


Uploaded on April 16, 2012 by OutskirtsPress

When You Can’t Trust the Cops—or Even
Yourself—Who Do You Turn To?

After his brother’s murderous rampage months earlier, Wolf Magnussen lost everything—and he’s been plagued by blackouts, nightmares, and sleepless nights ever since. So when an old friend drags him out of the house for a much-needed road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, he reluctantly goes along. Their first night in Vegas lands them in the middle of a murder investigation of a mutual friend. Things are further complicated by neo-Nazi cops, hostage-taking, and Wolf’s vivid hallucinations of his brother, who is still incarcerated in a maximum-security mental institution in California—leaving Wolf with one question: Who can you trust when you doubt even your own sanity? Trust No One is the riveting sequel to the dark suspense of Mike Thompson’s first novel, Blood Betrayal.

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