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Vedic Medical Astrology Medical Astrology is that branch of Astrology dealing with Health. The 12 Signs of...
Vedic Medical Astrology Medical Astrology is that branch of Astrology dealing with Health. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are linked to the Twelve Limbs of the body. The Ascendant rules the Head and the 12th House, the Feet. Since the Zodiacal Signs represents the Five Elements ( Ether , Fire, Air, Earth & Water ), the ancient astrological savants assigned everything in the Universe to a planetary ruler, and considered all as the manifestation of the Elemental Five and their respective qualities - hot and dry, cold and dry, hot and humid , cold and humid. Jupiter rules "Kapha" and the Sun "Pitta' ( the three humors of Ayurveda ). Medical Astrology here becomes Ayurvedic Astrology, vanalysing the human body made of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and the seven gross tissue elements, all ruled by the Nine Revolving Heavens. The Seven Planets correspond to the Three humours ( Doshas ) in Ayurveda In the Ayurvedic Model, the Seven Revolving Heavens are classified thus ( Vatam Pittayutha Karothi Dinakrith) Jupiter Kapha Sun Pitta Moon Vata & Kapha Mars Pitta Mercury Pitta, Vata & Kapha Venus Vata & Kapha Saturn Vata The seven planets correspond to the Seven Gross Tissue- elements ( dhatus) thus Jupiter Fat Saturn Veins Mars Bone Marrow Sun Bones Moon Blood Mercury Skin Venus Seminal Energy By analysing the horoscope, the astrologer can discern the badly placed planet and the corresponding Dhatu or gross tissue element which has caused the problem and can prescribe Ayurvedic remedial measures ( " Dushthithasyadi Dhatustho Rogeenam Roga Eeryatham " ) Medical Astrology's perspective about the 12 Houses of the Zodiac . House Organ Ist House Head 2nd House Face Third House Throat Fourth House Heart Fifth House Place beneath the heart Sixth House Stomach Seventh House Generative Organ Eighth House Upper Thigh Ninth House Thigh Tenth House Knee Eleventh House Calf Twelfth House Feet If in the Astrology Chart, if the 6th House is afflicted, there can be digestive tract disorders. Natural malefics in the 6 H may create hyperacidity and gas trouble. Affliction either to the 7th house means disorders of the digestive tract, hyperacidity and gas trouble ( Papa Saptamagah Tadodara Ruja ). The same holds good for the 6th house ( Papa Shashtagatha Tadodararuja ). If the 6th house or the 7th house is afflicted, one should be very careful about the body's acidity level. From experience, it can be discerned that not only malefic planets bring in problems from enemies, but also problems to the stomach ( Pape Shashtopagathe Vrina Bhayaschora Satru Peeda Cha ). If the 12 th house is afflicted by malefic planets, there can be affliction to the feet. We have seen many a patient suffering from 12th house affliction and which manifests as problems on the feet. One should beware of hidden enemies as well. Similarly, 4th house affliction means trouble to the Heart. I knew one patient with heart problem who had the North Node in the Fourth. He had a heart surgery. The North Node in the Heart region in the horoscope had effectuated this problem. A clear example my horoscope itself. I belongs to tula lagna. In 4 th house Jupiter placed alongwith ketu. I had mild heart attach in Sept.2006. There are some astrologers who take this from the Horoscope of the Cosmic Man, that is from His Ascendant Aries. This method does not yields accurate results. We follow the dictum of Natal Astrology that it is the Ascendant of the native which is the head and the Descendant the stomach region. Affliction to any house indicates affliction to the corresponding part of the body. Any malefic - in the Sixth is indicative of stomach trouble & ulceration. Fourth house affliction means that the heart is afflicted and first house affliction means that the head is afflicted. The planets correspond to the different systems of Man thus Sun The Bone System Moon The Circulatory System Mars The Muscular System Mercury The Veins Venus The Reproductive System Jupiter The Digestive System Saturn The Excretory System From experience, Vedic Medical Astrology is found to be very accurate. Astrology and Medicine are two great branches of Knowledge and only if they come together can humanity be served. The true astrologer can find out the disease from the birth chart vedic and can give remedial measures to redeem the patient. To know your health report from your horoscope send $ 75 in favour of SITARAMA SASTRY and your full name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth to ksrsastryyahoo**** Mobile : +919885136508 If you are living in India ; please transfer Rs.3000/- in the following account and send your birth details to get detailed analysis of your horoscope + 1 year membership. NAME : KUCHIBHOTLA SITARAMA SASTRY BANK’s NAME : CORPORATION BANK BRANCH : HYDERABAD – NALLAKUNTA ACCOUNT TYPE : SAVINGS ACCOUNT No : 074300101002351 IFSC CODE : COR P 0000743