Eyewatch for Women Safety


Uploaded on April 17, 2012 by Eyewatch Apps

Eyewatch is an emergency alert system, on your mobile phone, which at the press of a button sends multiple messages, emails, images, videos, sound bytes, and your location status to your near and dear ones automatically alerting them of your emergency.
There are three ways to download FREE Eyewatch App:
• SMS “Eyewatch” to 53030
• Open the link bit.ly/eyewatchapp on your smartphone browser
• Go to the website www.eye-watch.in
After downloading one need to follow some easy steps of registration where one gives the ERC (Emergency Response Contacts) of his/her parents, guardians, friends, police or doctor as per your choice. Three ERC can be given for the free version of Eyewatch and all the services will also be free.
Eyewatch is a cool security mobile app developed by Indianeye Security Pvt. Ltd. for the personal security of every Indian. The app can be used in emergency conditions like Ragging, Assault on Women, Road Rage, Accidents, Medical Emergency, Personal Security Threats and Travel emergencies.

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