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*******www.windowsfastipchanger****/changeipaddress/what-is-an-ip-address.htm In this video am going to sh...
*******www.windowsfastipchanger****/changeipaddress/what-is-an-ip-address.htm In this video am going to show you three simple fast ways to change or IP address. You can maintain privacy and anonymity on the Internet by changing your IP address. Most IP changing methods are extremely time-consuming and involve navigating a seemingly endless hierarchy of menus and dialog boxes only to use a IP address and port number that result in an extremely slow and useless Internet connection. In this video I will show you several easy and fast ways to change your IP address. In case you don't know what IP address is- the Internet is literally hundreds of thousands of computers connected to one another. When you browse the Internet with your web browser your web browser, which is on your computer, is connecting to other computers on the Internet. These computers are websites. In order for data to know where it is supposed to go each computer is issued an IP address. A good analogy is the mail system. In order for the mailman to deliver mail to your homes have to have an address so the mailman knows where to go to deliver the mail to. Your IP address is like a phone number or a physical address so the protocols that route information on the Internet know where to send this information to. You may be wondering why change your IP address? This system of using IP addresses for uniquely identifying computers online is fantastic and it works great. There are some downsides. The biggest downside is that your IP address exposes a lot of information about your computer the biggest downside is your IP address can be used maliciously by someone if they want such such as hackers. Also your IP address is not the only thing exposed about your computer when you visit websites much more information about your PCs exposed including the browser you're using, your computers operating system, the last website you were at, and whole lot more. To giving example of what I'm talking about visit *******www.windowsfastipchanger****/changeipaddress/what-is-an-ip-address.htm