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Water and oil spills penetrate material and leave ugly stains, wet surfaces which dirt impregnates and becomes permanent on your fabrics. ARCAFABRIC is and oil and water repellent which protects your upholstery, camping equipment, canvas awnings and outdoor parasols, car covers and boat tarps from moisture and oil stains.

ARCAFABRIC can be applied on all materials and will provide an effective water repellent protection on chintz, canvas, cotton and other robust fabric used outdoors on tents and tarps, outdoor parasols and garden furniture, sporting equipment (camping gear, backpacks, tarps); awnings and car or boat covers.

In the workplace (automobile industry for example) where grease is ever-present, oil will pearl up and prevent not penetrate your working clothes. It can simply be wiped off and won't leave your garments dirty and stained.
ARCAFABRIC protects against mildew and mould and will keep your outdoor and sporting gear clean mould-free during the seasons where they are not in use.

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