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ARCABLOCK WATER REPELLENT provides outstanding water repellence while allowing the substrate to breathe. Vapour permeability yields drier, more durable walls. Invisible and self-cleaning ARCABLOCK penetrates porous building materials deeply and protects your surface from dirt, ageing, moss or mildew as well as from freezing (and subsequently cracking).

ARCABLOCK water repellent for porous building materials can be applied to walls, kitchen floor tiles, shower and bathroom floor and wall tiles, pottery, roof shingles and roof tiles, horizontal surfaces inside and outside.
ARCABLOCK protects your tiles, floors, walls and roofs from water damaging deterioration, protects you and yours from chronic health problems caused by humidity, mildew and mould growth and protects the health and look of your home by preventing unsightly flaking paint, efflorescence and peeling wallpaper caused by dampness.

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