Home Page Pays Opportunity for Advertisers & Fundraisers

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*******www.wix****/homepagepays/browser *******rtipay.homepagepays**** *******rtipay.smartmediatechnologies...
*******www.wix****/homepagepays/browser *******rtipay.homepagepays**** *******rtipay.smartmediatechnologies**** Smart Media Advertising Network The advertiser receives numerous benefits: 1. Best advertising rates in the industry 2. Can advertise on a very small shoestring budget 3. 24/7 exposure that no other advertising medium can offer 4. Easy to monitor ROI due to PPC & PPI real-time tracking & reporting, which provides statistics on your ad's performance 5. Poorly performing ads can be identified & revised almost immediately 6. Highest security protection against Internet fraud & Pay Per Click fraud 7. Can target specific markets - local, regional, national, global 8. Total control over ad campaign & associated costs 9. Specific budgets for specific banners 10. No cost to change banner instantly 11. Ads can be changed to promote new lines, adjust to market conditions, etc. Generating funds is now just a click away for many organizations. Schools/Universities Fundraising, Churches Fundraising, Clubs Fundraising, any kind of Fundraising. My company Smart Media Technologies can help you! Join once and raise funds over and over again. For more details visit my site and learn more about advertisers benefits and fundraisers benefits here: *******www.wix****/homepagepays/browser having trouble visiting the first link click this: *******rtipay.smartmediatechnologies****