The Sea Voyage Het Scheepvaart Museum [HD]


Uploaded on April 20, 2012 by Sculpting with...

During the 5 room, 25 minute experience, you will travel through time and meeting historical characters and objects. Start in the pre boarding area and get ready for your voyage.

Watch as the famous painting of Michael de Ruyter comes to life and plans your journey. Look through the windows and watch the hustle and bustle of a 16th century courtyard loading your boat.

Step into a 360 degree panoramic room and be taken on a amazing breathtaking journey through time and Dutch maritime history, Hold tight during the great storm, race against Dutch sailing heroes. fight off the pirates trying to board your ship.

Enter the 19th century Royal Holland ocean liner Tubantia on its fateful last voyage,
who will survive, and who will perish.

Watch as everybody comes home and you say goodbye to all the characters you have meet through your journey.

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