Silent Waterproof True Love Serenity MOAN203 [18+]


Uploaded on April 20, 2012 by moancode203

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Pamper your puss and Stay Discreet yet Pleased with the Evolved True Love Serenity Vibrator

Sweet yet powerful, stylish and functional, the True Love edition blends contemporary design with classic sensuality. Three quiet speeds ensure ultimate bliss and satisfaction, in or out of water. Luxurious in feel and conforming to every contour, the soothing vibrations deliver endless stimulation! Stay in tonight and vibe with your favorite Sweetheart. Romance has Evolved, shouldn't your massager?

The vibrator’s shaft is flexible yet firm. Powerful vibrations emit from the shaft and clitoral stimulator for maximum pleasure. The slightly angled tip and bumps heighten sensations.

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