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Uploaded on April 20, 2012 by ripehdflvplayer

You know what, i don’t like to stop this list and neither our Hitasoft Technologies too. We are going to improve this Ripe HD FLV player in all the directions to take it to the video world’s maximum level.

Ok I am done, I cannot keep the surprise of this video player offer and prices. Yes, the actual price of this Ripe HD FLV Player 1.0 is 89$, and we are happy to announce 40% discount on your sale from now on. Yes we are offering our HD Player for 55$ only. So, make it easy and showcase it in your website. You can reach us by any of the communication channel.

Email: info@hitasoft.com
Website: www.hitasoft.com
Product Page: www.hd-player.net
Phone: +91 9751110222

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