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Thank for watching varolo presentation. Varolo is 100% Free!
Advertisers are paying you to watch ads rather than television networks and other advertising mediums. Is this sound to good to be true? Certainly its true. Why? Because advertisers are looking for something new that their ads will be noticeable to public and get a short feed back from free varolo member viewers.

There are some reasons you got to join varolo:

Anyone can join varolo as long as you are 13 y/o and above. Mom, Dad, Teens, Grand Ma, Grand Pa, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Co-workers, Educated people, etc. Can join varolo for free!

Now, varolo is available on mobile too. yeepee! You can watch Ads anywhere! anytime 24/7/365! The more your village watch ads the more you make money. Wow! $$$$$$$$

Spear only 10 minutes a day to watch ads and each varolo's ads takes only 30 secs to watch. It's NOT even 2 to 3 minutes long! Just imagine you will not get bored you will feel happy because you are just watching Ads then you get paid!

You can Select Ads that you are interested to watch from beauty care, clothing, shoes. accessories, electronics, grocery, etc.

Varolo uses Paypal to pay you, (Ebay owns PayPal) so your online transaction are secured and safe. Then claiming your village earning can be weekly.

What are you waiting for register here:
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